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Talent is Evenly Distributed

We value the diversity in our staff, our experience, our training, our lives, and in our customers.

Leading Enterprise IT Consulting and Software Development Company

Cocolevio LLC was founded in 2015 to provide modern IT consulting to businesses. Our end-to-end IT solutions help organizations across markets and industries in their development, growth, and expansion. We specialize in software development, technology consulting, business consulting, strategic planning, data analytics, digital marketing, UI/UX design, web development, and mobile application development. Our goal is to help companies innovate, develop strategies, and make decisions that lead to future growth and success. We deploy cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and IoT to serve a global clientele across market verticals.

Years of Experience
Projects Delivered
In-House Developers, Technology Experts, Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and IT Consultants
Cocolevio Founder - Nnamdi Orakwue
Nnamdi Orakwue, CEO of Cocolevio LLC
Nnamdi Orakwue at Work


Nnamdi Orakwue

Nnamdi has deep experience as a business leader in the technology space. He founded Cocolevio on the belief that the next generation of technology investments (Cloud, Big Data, IoT) will require unprecedented coordination of business, financial and technical competencies. Before founding Cocolevio, Nnamdi spent 15 years at Dell and IBM, most recently as Vice President of Dell Software Group and leader of Dell’s Cloud business globally.

What is Cocolevio, anyway?

Cocolevio is a children’s tag game which originated in New York City, similar to ringolevio. The roots of the game go back centuries, but in the early and mid-twentieth century the familiar cries of “One-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three” could be heard on the streets of Brooklyn, announcing a triumphant capture from the opposing side.

Cocolevio games could take hours without breaks, demanding a high level of attentiveness, adaptability, strategy, and precise tactics as two teams battled to win. The Cocolevio name is a playful nod to our belief that business choices made in this spirit of flexibility and attention to detail will lead the next wave of modern technology investments.

Cocolevio founder Nnamdi Orakwue grew up in Brooklyn, New York, playing cocolevio.

Meet the Team

We are a group of passionate individuals combining our talents and expertise to modernize businesses. We work with clients across industries and deliver transformational growth.

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